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14 ways to share love

  1. Tell people you care about. Reach out to family, friends, colleagues, anyone in your life you feel would be encouraged and supported by The Go-Giver Marriage.

  2. Share it on social media. We’ve made a choice selection of postable graphics for you (below) — or just share your thoughts. (Make sure to include the hashtag and URL: #gogivermarriage

  3. Follow us on social media and repost our posts and stories. You can find all our social links here.

  4. Share links to your favorite Ana & John interviews from our Media page. The list is constantly being updated as we do more events!

  5. If you host a podcast, Clubhouse room, or other virtual event, bring on Ana & John as guests. They’d love to chat and interact with you and your friends and followers!

  6. Host the authors on a Facebook Live or Instagram Live. It’s a super-simple way to chat with Ana & John live and invite your friends.

  7. Suggest Ana & John as guests on your favorite podcast. Message your favorite podcast hosts and suggest they have the authors on as guests! (And send them our link:

  8. Host a book club in your living room. And check the home page to see how you can have Ana & John show up live and join the conversation!

  9. Share it with people who work with couples. Counselors, therapists, coaches, clergy, teachers … anyone devoted to helping human beings build stronger relationships.

  10. Write a Reader Review. Amazon,, Goodreads, etc. … short or long, doesn’t matter, just your honest thoughts — these reader reviews make an enormous difference.

  11. Ask your local bookstore to stock it. Sure, any bookstore can order it — but if it’s already sitting on their shelves, people actually will see it!

  12. Ask your local library to carry it. Most libraries have request forms on their website, or you can pick up the phone and talk to a librarian.

  13. Host a giveaway. Run a book giveaway on your social channel, newsletter, or at events, and we’ll ship copies (personalized, if you want) directly to your winner. (US and Canada only)

  14. Give a copy as a gift! Which may be the simplest way of all — just go up to someone you care about and put a copy in their hands! 


For Sample Text: Here is a text file that provides sample copy you can use for email newsletter, blog posts, tweets, or posts on any social media platform — use them as is, adapt them to your own voice, or make up your own!

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